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Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky - Anti-mapping... Angle 23°

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Angle 23° by Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky
Anti-mapping, Khan Al-Ahmar

14,8 x 20 cm
24 pages
Offset print
Edition of 300, numbered


With their ongoing project Anti-Mapping Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky seek to survey and document the geography of the Palestinian areas as a necessary alternative to the official Israeli photographic registrations. Military considerations have imposed restrictions on the representations – among other things the aerial photo must work with a reduced number of pixels (compared with international standards). This is done to limit what the population is actually allowed to see. This muddied map production means that small settlements are easier to relocate or remove, and it thus becomes a matter of the exercise of power. Kratsman and Pinchevsky want to show more than the Israeli state does, with precise, detailed images with high resolution, performed partly using drone photography.  



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