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Linus Valtersson - National Debris, Angle 6°

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Angle 6° by Linus Valtersson
National Debris

14,8 x 20 cm
24 pages
Offset print
Edition of 300, numbered

Linus Valtersson calls himself “a journalist who takes pictures”. He asserts that he takes pictures of people simply to remember what they said, without any kind of staging and artificial lighting. He gets close to his interviewees in In The Ukrainian Periphery, which shows pictures of Ukrainians taken in the aftermath of the failure of the Orange Revolution and the advent of Viktor Yanukovich as president in 2010. In the autumn of 2013 a non-partisan student movement began to mobilize, and millions manifested their protest against the president by taking to the streets. 

Valtersson has met those he portrays several tines, and in his pictures he shows an abandoned people in a turbulent situation who nevertheless try to normalize their lives. A recurrent theme is a generation with no other point of reference than the present moment. And precisely these photographic moments shape our encounters with people who are living in a political limbo. The young in particular seem to be sunken in a provisional uncertainty, interrupted temporarily by eye contact and sparks of awareness. In addition the portraits constitute random connections with the enormous reservoir of faces in the history of art. Valtersson presents these people unsentimentally and informatively, as locally rooted. They are held in a tension between the collective ideals of the past and the present-day demand for individual survival. 



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