International orders (outside Norway)

Bastardbok is a book shop based in Lillehammer, Norway. We have a specialized and unique selection of art books, mostly from artists and publishers within or from Norway.

Our site is in Norwegian, but we experience a surprising amount of orders coming from other countries. We´re pretty impressed so many of you have managed to navigate the site and place orders. 

Payments in our store is processed via Klarna, that accepts card payment from all countries. 

The international shipping rate is flat 150NOK. We usually ship the same or next day (Monday-Friday).

To get in touch with us, send an email to or send a message to us on instagram or Facebook. We are happy to help.

How to pick your country in checkout:

For international orders, some have trouble finding their country in checkout. Because our system works mainly in Norwegian, countries are written in the Norwegian way. Note that after choosing a different country, the checkout language switches to English. Here are a few common countries:

Germany = Tyskland

Great Britain = Storbritannia