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Patrick Huse - Realms of Belonging

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Realms of Belonging is an artist book and exhibition project. In the project, book and exhibition are identically mounted as a visual collage. The project discusses identity and its relationship to local and traditional knowledge. Huse has been active in the northern areas for the last 25 years. Extensive travel, research, studies and collaboration with local people as well as researchers form a basis for Realms of Belonging.

Patrick Huse, Ole Henrik Magga, Antti Liikkanen, Chris Drury, Timo Helle, Trond Berg Eriksen, Anne Ringen Amundsen, John Erik Riley, Jenny Steinnes

Finnish, English.

Pages: 144. Soft cover, richly illustrated.

Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Delta Press, Norway / Lapland Regional Museum in Arktikum, Finland 2011,

ISBN 978 -82-995758-9-8

Delta Press

Delta Press

Delta Press er Patrick Huses kunstbokforlag, som gir ut kunstbøker relatert til Huses prosjekter og utstillinger. I bøkene formidles bilder og ideer i rikt monn. Publikasjonene distribueres av PAD — Published Art Distribution:

Published Art Distributed is an independent distribution channel specializing in the following categories: 
Art, anthropology and social issues. This will be distributed through books, artist's books, catalogues and prints, all paper work.

PAD as an independent distribution channel, has its origin in debates concerning art as a social vehicle in communicating issues of contemporary political and social significance.

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