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Montserrat Llampallas - 8M (Resonance and epicentres)

På lager: 3

Utgiver: Montserrat Llampallas

Utgivelsesår: 2020

Sideantall: 18

Opplag: 30 eksemplarer

Compilation of texts about violence against women, from song, quote, article extract, image, etc. The publication was distributed in Oslo the 9th of March 2020, paired with the on going protests happening in Mexico.

Montserrat Llampallas

Montserrat Llampallas

Montserrat Llampallas finds herself in a constant approach and dialog with movement related practices and practitioners. Working with the blurry lines that separate the (body) from (space) she has found in movement a way and a language to play, unfold and merge these words. Using her body as a major site of reference and research she has been keen on questions surrounding position (ing) and location (ing) that have led to the arrangement of what she likes to call -antigravitational practices-.

Her work finds its way mostly in writing/publications, readings, series of individual actions, of which, some can be performed collectively, and a series of drawings/installations in various sizes and materials that lately find their place closer to the floor, where the audience is actively invited in different ways.

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