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Montserrat Llampallas - Correspondances - Correspondencias

På lager: 2

Utgiver: Montserrat Llampallas

Utgivelsesår: 2021

Sideantall: 20

Set of propositions for relation between the body and the land, ranging from action to more poetic approaches. Each publication contains a metal artefact for vision, with which to activate some of the suggestions. I was an intrinsic part of 'Correspondencias' exhibition presented during February 2021 and February 2022.

Montserrat Llampallas

Montserrat Llampallas

Montserrat Llampallas finds herself in a constant approach and dialog with movement related practices and practitioners. Working with the blurry lines that separate the (body) from (space) she has found in movement a way and a language to play, unfold and merge these words. Using her body as a major site of reference and research she has been keen on questions surrounding position (ing) and location (ing) that have led to the arrangement of what she likes to call -antigravitational practices-.

Her work finds its way mostly in writing/publications, readings, series of individual actions, of which, some can be performed collectively, and a series of drawings/installations in various sizes and materials that lately find their place closer to the floor, where the audience is actively invited in different ways.

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