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Elisa Halvorsen Castillo - Agua


Utgivelsesår: 2021


Every time I start walking without a specific direction, I always end up going towards water. Water makes me feel calm. Somehow, it makes me feel like home. During this pandemic, communication has change so much. Sometimes, I even forget how to speak, for not having had the chance to say a word for so long. Water can communicate so much, in such universal way, without any word. “Agua” is photobook made using a Risograph printer. It is a compilation of analog photos of different water textures, taken and collected during these wandering and confusing days. Size: 20 x 28,5 cm

First edition: Hand numbered. Edition of 20

Second edition: Hand numbered, hand stitched. Edition of 100

Elisa Halvorsen Castillo

Elisa Halvorsen Castillo


I am a Chilean with Norwegian ancestry. Obsessed with musical textures and the way our mind reshapes memory. As an exploration media, I use jewellery making, printmaking and analog photography. Attempting to freeze in time moments, before my fragile and forgetfulness mind takes them away from me forever.

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