Anders Elsrud Hultgren - Devonsk Febertokt


Forlag: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
Utgivelsesår: 2018
Sideantall: 152
ISBN 978-82-303-3902-3
Opplag: 100

The second installment of the artists book trilogy «THE KRATON TRILOGY» With a cinematic storytelling language where the landscape photos has equal importance to the word «DEVONSK FEBEROKT» is an acid-western where the reader is carried on a fever trip through an overwhelming heat wave and wildfire catastrophe, in a mars-like wild west landscape. There exists also a full length film version of the book.

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen

Anders Elsrud Hultgreen is a filmmaker and artists book artist based in Bergen. In 2020 he published ATOMVINTER, the final installment of his artists book trilogy named THE KRATON TRILOGY (DEVONSK FEBERTOKT 2018, FERDSSKRIVEREN 2016). THE KRATON TRILOGY is a poetic science fiction approach to lost expedition diaries of the late 1800s early 1900s.