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Kaya Gaarder - HIT PROLOG

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HIT  PROLOG by Kaya Gaarder 

Kaya Gaarder (b.1983) lives and works in Oslo. She has a master's degree in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her artistic work revolves around drawing, where the drawing process is always almost an excavation of the subject, often executed in large formats, with an emphasis on a physical approach. She has also worked with text, photography, video, installations and dance. An interest in sound has often been evident in previous projects, but this is her first sound work–and a purer exploration and design of the musical, using field recordings, samples, her own voice and her own, older recordings. The art project HIT  PROLOG is eclectic and striking, mysterious and driving, and the musical soundscape spins threads between fragments of history, the universal in something personal and heartfelt, into something reconciling and liberating. 

It's ticking, it is. And it has a wheel with numbers to be turned, and every number is a melody to wake you up. That was it. But that function is not working now. I remember one of those melodies. My favourite. A hit. It was like this… 
- From «HERE» 

The sky is cloudless. 
Her sweat drips, while top-notes from volatile memories of skin rise up, hints of mint or lime, cardamom and amber, leather, hazy past. 
A nearby frog croaks, the sound jolts her. Is that the thing, the deviation? she wonders. Was it only you? Tiny black spherical eyes, a frog's heartbeat visible under its damp skin. 
- From «PROLOGUE» 

The release is published by
Breton Cassette in collaboration with Saksumdal Tempel. Sakumdal Tempel is an artist-run space for presentation and production of contemporary art, that also offers accommodation for artists. The project is situated in Saksumdal, Lillehammer and is co-founded and run by Siri Leira and Tarald Wassvik. 

Edition: 28 + digital 
Soundwork: Kaya Gaarder 
Prose/poetry: Kaya Gaarder 
Photos and drawing: Kaya Gaarder 
Translation: Kaya Gaarder 
Proofreader: Martin White 
Side B studio recording: Kenneth Ishak 
Mastering: Adam Badí Donoval 
Design/layout: Kaya Gaarder and Pernille Meidell 
Documentation: Erik Mowinckel 
Covers on side A: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, Papa Don't Preach by Madonna, 
I Remember by Molly Drake, Flames and Flat Tires by Squirrel Flower, Did I Ever Love You by Leonard Cohen, Song For Thrill And Tom by Ane Brun. And Bruce Springsteen is in the background on private recording from '93. 

HIT PROLOG is supported by Norwegian Association of Visual Artist and Innlandet County Municipality.  

Kaya Gaarder

Kaya Gaarder

Kaya Gaarder (f.1983) bor og arbeider i Oslo. Hun har en mastergrad i billedkunst fra Kunstakademiet, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. Hennes kunstneriske virke kretser rundt tegning, der tegneprosessen alltid er en nærmest utgravning av motivet, gjerne utført i store formater med vekt på en fysisk tilnærming. Hun har også arbeidet med tekst, fotografi, video, installasjoner og dans. En interesse for lyd har ofte vært tydelig i tidligere prosjekter, men dette er hennes første lydverk – og en renere utforskning og utforming av det musikalske ved bruk av feltopptak, samples, egen stemme og egne, eldre opptak.

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