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Produkter fra James Welburn

Originally from London, James Welburn spent over a decade submerged in Berlin's underground music scenes, exploring sound and technology to the limit. A fascination with visiting Norwegian experimental musicians paved the way to packing his bags and moving up North.

Welburn creates music on the boundary between noise rock and electronica, and is known for modifying dirty electric bass sounds with abstract software effects. Creating dark engulfing soundscapes and searing bass drones that breathe with a mysterious, forceful energy.
His tracks are driven forward by a relentless rhythm section with sound, noise and music arranged into epic compositions.

His biography boasts notable collaborations, such as with legendary drummer Tony Buck of The Necks or those with Tomas Järmyr (Zu & Motorpsycho), Aidan Baker (Nadja), Juliana Venter (Phil Winter), Hilde Marie Holsen (Hubro) and veteran New York drone composer Phill Niblock.

Following his critically acclaimed debut “Hold”, Welburn's 2021 release "Sleeper in the Void" was described as "A magnificent punch in the stomach" by Rockerilla, Italy and has already been predicted as a strong candidate for Album of the Year by the respected Norwegian blog, Deichman Musikk.

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