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Produkter fra Beatrice Alvestad Lopez

Beatrice Alvestad Lopez is a visual artist based in Stockholm, Sweden currently doing her MA at Ädellab Könstfack. Her practice is based on narratives of myth, environment, its geological properties and found objects. The material residue form part of land-based works and sculptural installations in which she add crafted material such as textile, clay and metal. These works are context based as connection to place is vital emphasizing sensibility, awareness and openness to the non-human, vegetative and planetary bodies.

For Alvestad Lopez the camera allows both for the study of landscape and the documentation of spontaneous, ritualistic creative experiments conducted in the places through which she travels, a practice that draws on her interest in deep traditions of artmaking and environmental concerns. She documents her site-specific works by writing, photography and film that further evolve into publications, exhibitions and workshops.

She has a love of nature and a passionate interest in the idea of remoteness through residency periods in Iceland and voyages around the wild coasts of Scotland and Norway.

Alvestad Lopez do collaborative projects expanding on the notion of hydro-feminism, post-human temporalities, belonging and ecological care. These collaborative projects, field trips and collective exchanges are ways to build knowledge and investigate relational methods and research processes within her practice

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